Articles that, in some way or another, display Serb-Hellenic friendship.


Articles in English

        "Rigas Fereos" Association of Greeks in Serbia Celebrate
        15th Greek-Serbian Orthodox and Cultural Friendship Day 
        2 Tons of Greek Humanitarian Aid Arrived in Serb Republic 
        50 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Belgrade from the Municipality of Kalamata
        70 Tons of Humanitarian Aid will be Sent to the Bosnian Serbs
        Anastasios Manakis: Another Historical Figure of the Greek-Serbian Relations
        Another Convoy of Releif Aid for Yugoslavia Will Leave Athens Soon
        Archbishop Christodoulos Meets Yugoslav President
        Archbishop Condemns NATO airstrikes Against Yugoslavia
        Archbishop Pays Official Visit to Serbia
        A Greek with a Big Heart
        A Serbian Connection in the Greek Revolution: 1821
        Banjaluka (1)
        Banjaluka (2)
        Belgrade: St. Dimitrije Church
        Belgrade Hosts Greece-Serbia Business Council Session
        Belgrade Marks 200th Anniversary of Rigas Feraios' Murder
        Belgrade Salutes Greek Independance Day
        Bosnian Serb Children Arrive in Greece
        Bosnian Serb officials Express Satisfaction over Greek Support
        Bosnian Serb President to Visit Thessaloniki
        Bosnian War Crimes Fugitive Hid in Greece 
        Cultural Events on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Rigas Fereos' Death
        Chair of Modern Greek Language Established in Belgrade University
        Chairman Markovic Meets Greek Ambassador
        Children From Serbia To Spend Christmas In Greece
        Christodoulos Contacts in Belgrade
        Commemoration for All Victims of the Last Year's NATO bombing of FRY
        Commemoration for NATO victims Held in Serb and Greek Universities
        Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Serb and Greek Universities
        Crown Prince Alexander Lays Wreath At Monument To Unknown Soldier 
        Cyprus Backs Serbia Completely 
        Cyprus Reiterates It Will Not Recognize Kosovo 
        Dimitrios Karatasos: A Forerunner of Greek-Serbian Friendship
        Dnevnik: Serbia Backs Greece In Macedonia's Name Dispute 
        Event Commemorating the Genocide of the Greeks in Pontos Held in Belgrade
        Greece -- Policy Towards Serbia
        Greece, Serbia Reaffirm Very Good Economic Relations
        Greece, Yugoslavia Due To Sign Economic Cooperation Pact
        Greece Sends Aid to Krajina Refugees, Criticizes West
        Greece Sends Humanitarian Aid To Flood-Stricken Parts of Vojvodina
        Greece to Fund Highway Project
        Greek-Serb Consortium
        Greek-Serb Friendship Society Hosts Serb Children in Kavala
        Greek-Serb Military Deal
        Greek-Serbian Relations in the Midst of 19th Century: A Synoptically Historical Outline
        Greek, Serbian premiers agree on Greece's assistance in Int'l bodies
        Greek Aid to the Belgrade Stock Exchange
        Greek Aid to Yugoslavia Arrives in Belgrade
        Greek Archbishop Condemns Cleansing in Kosovo
        Greek Church Donates 250 mln Dr to Serbian Church
        Greek Diplomat to Represent Belgrade in Germany
        Greek Embassy Sets Up Book Of Condolence 
        Greek Humanitarian Aid to Bosnian-Serb Town of Doboi
        Greek Lawyer to Undertake Mladic's Defense
        Greek Lawyers Offer Karadzic Gratis Help 
        Greek Language Optional Subject in Elementary School “Sveti Sava” in Belgrade
        Greek Surgeon Honored By Belgrade TV Station
        Greek Volunteers Fight with Bosnian Serbs
        Greek Volunteers in Yugoslavia
        Greece Will Not Recognize Kosovo - Ambassador 
        Greeks, Serbs in Manhattan Hold Massive Rally Against NATO
        Greeks Help Liberate Srebrenica
        Greeks Unanimous in Condemnation of NATO Strikes
        H.R.H. Princess Katarina at the Promotion of New Society of Serbian-Greek Friendship
        Hellenic College and Holy Cross Donate for Rebuilding of Kosovo Seminary
        Hospitality Program for the Children of Former Yugoslavia
        Humanitarian Aid From Greece Arrived
        Humanitarian Event in Thessaloniki to Save Newborn Babies
        In Cyprus, Even Pizza is pro-Serb
        In Show of Solidarity For Serbian People, Greek Embassy in Belgrade Will Not Host Independence Day Reception
        Legal Transplants and the Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan: A Comparative Study [Portable Document Format] 
        Marking the 550th Anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople
        Medal to Christodoulos from Kostounitsa
        Minister Milicevic Recieved Greek-Serbian Society Delegation
        Minister Sutanovac and Greek Ambassador Welcome Serbian Pilots and Technicians
        Mladic Chooses Greek Defense Lawyer
        Orphans from Former Yugoslavia will be Hosted in Thessaloniki
        Over 350.000 Serbs Visited Greece in 2001
        Peace Train to Aid Bosnian Serbs
        Political Parties Condemn Episodes in the Eurobasket Final
        Premier Says Serbian Proposal For Tripartite Confederation 'Not Yet Examined'
        Republika Srpska
        Rice Headed to Serbia
        Serb Journalists Day
        Serb kids raise cash for fire-gutted Helandari
        Serbia Calls for Confederation with Greece
        Serbia Offers Assistance to Greece 
        Serbia Sends Seven Planes to Greece 
        Serbian Church Heads
        Serbian Government Adopts 11 Projects to be Financed by Greece
        Serbian-Greek Friendship Group to be Formed by Parliament
        Serbian-Greek Friendship Society
        Serbian Children Hosted Again in Greece
        Serbian Orthodox Church Decorates Greek Diplomat
        Serbian Patriarch Honoured by Cyprus Church
        State, Church Representatives Sign Book Of Condolences 
        Svilanovic: The Relations of Serbia, Greece and Montenegro Can Become Stronger 
        The Code of Serbian Tsar Stephan Dushan (On the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the proclaiming)
        Thessaloniki To Aid In Serb Republic's Reconstruction
        Unknown History: Christos Byzantios-Skarlatos
        Venizelos: Greek-Yugoslav relations remain excellent
        Works of Greek Author Ilias Venezis Translated in Serb Language
        Yugoslavs Express Sorrow over Stance Towards Greece
        Yugoslav Leader: Greeks, Serbs United Forever
        Yugoslav President Arrives at Mount Athos on Two-day Pilgrimage 


Articles in Greek

        Εκδήλωση των Εφέδρων στην Εύβοια για την ναυμαχία του Αρτεμισίου [Event of the Reserve in Euboea For the Naval Battle of Artemisio] 
        Έλληνες Εθελοντές στην Βοσνία [Greek Volunteers in Bosnia] 
        Η Αλήθεια Για Τους Έλληνες Εθελοντές Της Βοσνίας [The Truth About the Greek Volunteers of Bosnia]
        Η Χρυσή Αυγή στο πλευρό των Σέρβων πατριωτών [Golden Dawn On the Side of Serbian Patriots]
        Κυριάκος Καθάριος: Πολέμησα στην Βοσνία Γιατί Πίστευα ότι Έτσι Βοηθάω την Ελλάδα [Kiriakos Katharios: I Fought In Bosnia Because I Believed That I Was Helping Greece] 
        Κυριάκος Καθάριος: Πολεμώντας στη Βοσνία [Kiriakos Katharios: Fighting in Bosnia] 
        Μια Τελευταία Κουβέντα Για Τους Έλληνες Εθελοντές Της Βοσνίας [A Final Word About the Greek Volunteers of Bosnia]
        Μίσος της ΕΕ κατά των Σέρβων [EU Hatred of Serbs]
        Μοναστήρι Μπάνισκα, σύμβολο των σέρβο-ελληνικών σχέσεων [Banjska Monastery, Symbol of Serbo-Hellenic Relations] 
        Ο Σκοπιανός «πρέσβης» στο Βελιγράδι; [The Skopjian "Ambassador" in Belgrade?] 
        Συγκέντρωση συμπαράστασης στο προξενείο της Σερβίας [Rally of Support at the Serbian Consulate]


Articles in Serbian

        Mržnja EU prema Srbima [EU Hatred of Serbs]
        Nama Su Samo Srbi Braća [Only Serbs Are Our Brothers]
        Odrzan Pomen Svim Zrtvama Proslogodisnje Agresije NATO-a u SRJ [Commemoration for All Victims of the Last Year's NATO bombing of FRY] 
        Ordenje Grčkim Prijateljima [Medals For Greek Friends] 
        Osnovano Društvo Srpsko-Grčkog Prijateljstva [Establishment of Serbian-Greek Friendship Society]
        Promovisano Novo Srpsko-Grčko Prijateljstvo [New Serbian-Greek Friendship Promoted]
        Srbi u Grčkoj [Serbs of Greece]    




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