29 October 1992

During the second day of its visit to Serbia, the delegation of the Serbian- Greek Friendship Society met with the leaders of the Serbian Renewal Movement and of the Serbian Radical Party.

"I believe that in 10 years at the most, a common framework will encompass Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina (without western Herzegovina), Serbian Krajinas, Vardar Valey Macedonia; even Slovenia will be somewhere close The new democratic Serbia will be the Piemonte of this new Yugoslavia union" stated Mr. Vuk Draskovic- leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement during the talks with the Greek delegation.

"Dr. Seselj, in Greece, you are the symbol of the fight of the Serbian people against the forces that are hostile to Greeks as well" stated Mr. Aristiodes Mussionis-President of the Serbian-Greek Friendship Society, during his meeting with the leadership of the Serbian Radical Party.

Dr. Seselj-SRP President- proposed that Greece and Serbia shouldestablish a common border, after division of Macedonia into 4 parts.

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