Macedonian Press Agency
Thessaloniki, 4 December 2000

"The Greek and Serb peoples will remain united until Doomsday," stated Yugoslavia's new President Vojislav Kostunica during his visit to the monastic community of Mount Athos, northern Greece, yesterday.

Accompanied by Yugoslav Prime Minister Zoran Zijic and a delegation of ministers, president Kostunica yesterday embarked on a two-day unofficial visit to Greece which last night included an all-night vigil at the monastery of Hilandariou, where about 25 monks of Serb origin live.

As monks welcomed him with the honors of a head of state, Mr. Kostunica said he is pleased to be visiting Mount Athos, terming it the "cradle of the Orthodox faith".

Presently in Thessaloniki, the Yugoslav President will meet today with the Minister of Macedonia-Thrace George Paschalides. W While in Thessaloniki, he will visit the city's St. Dimitrios Cathedral and lay a wreath at the allied military cemetery of Zejdelik.

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