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This website was created in a genuine effort to support, promote, and encourage Serbian and Hellenic friendship. As an intellectual movement, it offers historical, cultural, and political evidence to explain and give better understanding to the lengthy friendship shared by the Greek and Serb peoples for centuries.

This site has not been created to further political motives but instead to celebrate and nurture this traditional friendship. As such, it remains apolitical. Political subjects, however, are addressed in articles.

On an individual basis we believe that much can be achieved to further the ideals that we advocate.

Some simple examples of what the individual can do to strengthen Greek and Serbian ties on a personal level include:

  • Attending local Greek Orthodox or Serbian Orthodox churches;
  • Joining one of the numerous Greek-Serbian friendship societies;
  • Learning the Greek and Serbian languages;
  • Visiting Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, and Cyprus;
  • Studying the long and glorious histories of each nation.

If for any reason you would like to contact us (whether to make a suggestion, contribute information and articles, offer constructive criticism, or anything else imaginable) feel free to send us an e-mail at the following address:





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