Macedonian Press Agency
Thessaloniki, 31 October 1996

The President of the Serb Republic in Bosnia Biljana Plavsic met with representatives of the Northern Greece Exporters Association (SEVE) in Thessaloniki yesterday, wherein business cooperation opportunities emerged betweeen the two countries, especially in the areas of timber, construction and textile manufacturing. Ms. Plavsic explained that the large amounts of timber her country produces remain unutilized since the Serb Republic does not feature local manufacturing for this industry. She characteristically said that her country had one furniture-making plant which was destroyed in a fire.

In turn, the President of SEVE noted that the economies of both countries are complimentary to one another and, as such, there are many opportunities for cooperation.

Ms. Plavsic also met with Thessaloniki Prefect Kostas Papadopoulos who expressed the city's intent to cooperate for the reconstruction of Bosnia.

Mr. Papadopoulos told the Bosnian Serb President that he will personally see to it that the trade and economic chambers of Greece will come in contact with officials from the Serb Republic in order to promote the reconstruction efforts.

Ms. Plavsic has stated that Greece holds the most advantageous position among European countries when it comes to investments in the Bosnia-Herzegovina region.

Yesterday she visited the Zeytinlik Cemetery, where the Serbs who died here during WWI were buried, and later stopped by Thessaloniki's Archaeological Museum. Last evening she met with families in the municipality of Kalamaria which were hosts to 100 children from the war-torn regions in former Yugoslavia for seven months.

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