Vreme News Digest Agency
13 February 1995

The board for the permanent commemoration of Greek-Serb friendship from Athens said a Greek Orthodox church should be built in Belgrade. The church of St. Dimitrije would be financed by contributions in Serbia and Montenegro, Beta news agency reported. Board chairman Diogenes Valavanidis told an Athens press conference that the city authorities had already earmarked a location for the church in central Belgrade. He said the construction of the church was the board's main job and added that it will be an "eternal symbol of gratitude" of the Serbs to the Greeks. Valvanidis said Energoprojekt would draw up plans for the church for free and added that it would be constructed by a company that is very optimistic in regard to business ties with Greece. "Our initiative was strongly supported by Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, Belgrade mayor Nebojsa Covic and the Serbian patriarch, his holiness Pavle," he said. He also handed a gift from Belgrade (an icon of the Holy Virgin) to Athens mayor Dimitris Avramopolous.

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