Nis City Hall/City of Nis
16 April 1999

In the organization of the Balkans Friendship Forum and Greek Ortodox Church Athens Archiepiscopy, a humanitarian aid convoy from friendly Greece arrived in Nis yesterday. The convoy consisting of nine trucks of aid in food, medicines and clothes was led by the delegation of the Balkans Friendship Forum consisting of Mihalakakos Panagiotis, the President, Panagiotidou Kiriaki, the Chief of the Cooperation Departement with Serbia and Kiorteves Hristos, the President of the Managing Board.

Three trucks of ten humanitarian aid were handed over to Nis Eparchy of Serbian Orthodox Church whereas the rest of the convoy will be given to Belgrade Patriarchy. This humanitarian aid convoy was blessed by the Archbishup of Athens and the whole Greece, Hristodulos, and the whole action was helped by the Greek Ambassy in Belgrade, The Greek Council Department in Nis, Nis City Hall and The Greek Society in Serbia.

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