Athens News Agency
27 June 1998

Events honouring the pre-revolutionary visionary Rigas Feraios were held here yesterday at the initiative of the Greek embassy's press office and on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Rigas' execution by Ottoman auth orities.

The events, organised by the Society of Serb-Greek Friendship, the Rigas Feraios Society of Greeks in Serbia and the society for preserving traditions of liberation wars of Serbia until 1918, will be held before the Neboisa Tower in Belgrade, where Riga s and his close associates were strangled.

The events will be attended by Serbian and Belgrade officials, Serbian Patriarch Pavle, an inter-party committee from the Greek Parliament and a delegation from the municipality of Velestino, Rigas' birthplace.

The events were given extended coverage in the Yugoslav press, while the president of the Society of Serb-Greek Friendship, Dusan Kanazir, said at a press conference that Rigas' ideas are still valid today because the Balkan peoples are struggling to de velop a climate of friendship and cooperation and are trying to avert a new Balkan war.

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