Athens News Agency
Belgrade, 12 December 1995

Twenty-five trucks carrying roughly 400 tonnes of humanitarian aid from Greece arrived in Belgrade yesterday.

The aid is to be distributed to refugee shelters and orphanages in Serbia, Bosnia and the Krajina, and was collected through the initiative of the Hellenic-Serbian Friendship Society, in co-operation with local government.

During a press conference given yesterday in Belgrade by the organizers of the aid shipment, it was stressed that Greece and the Greek people will continue to send humanitarian aid, so creating a bridge of co-operation between the two countries and setting an example for co-operation between all Balkan countries.

President of the Hellenic-Serbian Friendship Society Kostas Christopoulos said his company would not limit itself to the collection and dispatch of humanitarian aid, but would also take the initiative to introduce a Hellenic-Serbian Friendship Economic Chamber which will aim to rebuild areas destroyed by the war and to develop a guide for Greek businessmen who wish to contribute to the rebuilding project.

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