Republic of Serbia Ministry of Defense
10 September 2007

On Friday, 7th September, Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac and the Ambassador of Greece to Serbia Kristos Panagopulous welcomed at the Lisicji jarak airport the pilots and technicians of JAT Airways who assisted in extinguishing fires in the previous two weeks.

Sutanovac stated that Serbia had acted upon the request of the Greek Ministry of Defense, and he thanked JAT Airways and the representatives of the Serbian MoD who, as he added, helped selflessly the brotherly nation of Greece.

Minister Sutanovac said that he was also interested why the planes of JAT had not been used for extinguishing fires in Serbia this summer, adding that the MOD was not the bearer of this work.

The Ambassador of Greece said that that day showed once again the excellent cooperation between the two nations thanking everyone who had taken part in extinguishing fires.

He also remarked that in the last ten days, Serbian pilots and technicians showed great skill in extinguishing fires, which moved the whole of Greece and the Greek nation in particular.

“I am here to convey Greek President and Government’s warmest regards. We shall never forget your brotherly act”, the Ambassador of Greece to Serbia Kristos Panagopulous said.

The welcome ceremony was also attended by the Assistant Minister Dusan Spasojevic, and the CEO and general director of JAT Nebojsa Starcevic and Nenad Petrovic respectively.

A total of six planes type “dromader” and one AN-2 were deployed for this action.

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