Quotations from various Greek and Serb leaders attesting to the close ties between the peoples.


"We, the Serbs, are blessed to have God in heaven and Hellenes on earth. You the Hellenes have us Serbs as your friends. We will continue the struggle you undertook in 1974 against the Muslims until Constantinople becomes a centre for Orthodoxy."

Bishop Nicolas of Sarajevo
Cyprus in July 1994
(20th anniversary of the Turkish invasion)

"The Serbs have only two friends, God and the Greeks."

Former Republic of Srpska President Dr. Radovan Karadzic

"The Greek and Serb peoples will remain united until Doomsday."

Former President, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica
3 December 2000
Mount Athos

"The Serbs are our true friends [...]"

Former Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis

"The Greeks have always been friends of our people [...]"

Serbian Patriarch Pavle
read by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral on 20 April 2000 [addressed to the Athens Meeting]

"May the traditional Greek – Serbian friendship flourish!"

Serbian Patriarch Pavle
read by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral on 20 April 2000 [addressed to the Athens Meeting]

"As a Greek I swear eternal friendship with the Serb people."

Former Foreign Minister George Papandreou
15 March 2003

"We have more in common than differences. The Greek people stood by our side more than any other nation. Up there we do not say the Greeks, we say our brothers. Whatever happens here – let's hope the time will never come – they will be by your side in no time. They are yours. You have won their brotherhood. They are so proud for my Greek origin both mine and my husband's. For the fact that he chose a Greek woman too, like his grandfather did."

HRH Crown Princess Katherine
18 December 2004

"The Greek and the Serb people are united like a fist."

Former Foreign Minister Vladislav Jovanovic

"Greece and Serbia are two countries linked by ancient and inextricable bonds. Our relationship is lost in the depths of time. Serbian culture and religion were greatly influenced by our common roots in the great civilisation of Byzantium."

Secretary General for European Affairs Dimitrios K. Katsoudas
3 May 2007

"In the past quite difficult years, Greece and its citizens have proved their original motives and their belief in the expression that 'you will know who your friends are, when you need them'. Huge amounts of humanitarian aid coming from Greece to Serbia and Montenegro, innumerous efforts to collect funds for rebuilding our country, hospitality extended to our children – mainly children of refugees – for a short or a long period of time in Greek families, all this is just a token of the Greek moves of true friendship and solidarity that we will never forget. Even today, as we speak, Greece realizes, being a true friend of ours, our goals and priorities and is helping us to achieve them. [...] The strong, historic and friendly relation between Serbia-Montenegro and Greece constitutes the most important foundation to improve any form of cooperation in the field of politics, economy, culture, sports or education..."

Former President of Serbia-Montenegro Svetozar Marovic
November-December 2006

"I am among friends. And this friendship of ours [between Greeks and Serbs] has been proved in practice. And we shall do this in the future as well with words and with deeds."

Former President of Greece Konstantinos Stephanopoulos
October 2003

"As Hellenic Nationalists, we express complete support with our Serb brothers, which was genuinely expressed in the past and we declare our solidarity in the common struggle for National Dignity and Sovereignty. Kosovo is Serbia!"

Golden Dawn Statement [posted on the Serbian Consulate in Thessaloniki]
1 March 2008




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