By Ioannis Michaletos
17 November 2007

Christos Byzantios-Skarlatos: Constantinople 1805-Serbia 1877

He was a Greek Army Officer, an intellectual and a staunch supporter of the 19th century Greek-Serbian coalition

He joined the Greek Revolution in 1825 in Peloponese and later on he became a regural artiller officer and a Professor in the nascent Greek military academy, after 1831. His longlife achievements include the creation of paramilitary forces during the Thessaly uprisisng (1854), Cretan uprising(1866) and he was the head of the Greek National Guard in 1862-1864. In his writings he emphasized the need for strong Greek-Serbian relations in order to combat the them ailing Ottoman Empire.

Therefore in the 1876 Serbian rebellion he formed yet another paramilitary force and ventured to Serbia, where he died next year due to a flu epidemic.

Future historical research might reveal many hidden parts in his life, as well as, his role in constructing a “Behind the scenes” Balkan policy.

Source: Papyros-Larousse encyclopedia, Vol. 15, P. 393

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