Press Statement of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
28 July 2006

The Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Predrag Markovic, today met the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Serbia, Christos Panagopoulos.

Mr Panagopoulos reported to Mr Markovic on the level co-operation that had existed between the Parliament of the Hellenic Republic and the Parliament of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, and expressed readiness to continue and further improve co-operation at the parliamentary level between two sovereign states – the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Serbia.

Mr Markovic acquainted Mr Panagopoulos of an initiative, proposed by 18 deputies, to form a Serbian-Greek Friendship Group at the National Assembly. In view of the traditionally good relations between Serbia and Greece, the importance and role of Greek investment in Serbia, and the roles both nations play in the region, Mr Markovic underlined that an exchange of official letters between heads of the Serbian and Greek parliaments could open co-operation between the ‘friendship groups’ as early as the end of August, notwithstanding the summer recess in both countries’ parliaments.

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